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imsettings-switch: Switch Input Method


imsettings-switch - Switch Input Method


imsettings-switch [ -hnqrx ] [ --no-update ] [ --quiet ] [ --restart ] [ --read-xinputrc ] [ --help ] [Input Method name | configuration filename]


imsettings-switch switches Input Method which is managed under imsettings. Either Input Method name or configuration filename are required unless --read-xinputrc option is specified to determine the target from $HOME/.config/imsettings/xinputrc or $xinputrcdir/xinputrc.


This program follows the usual GNU command line syntax, with long options starting with two dashes (`-'). A summary of options is included below.
-n --no-update
Do not update $HOME/imsettings/xinputrc. without this option, imsettings-switch will updates it with the targeted Input Method.
-q --quiet
Do not show any messages except errors.
-r --restart
Restart the given Input Method or one which is determined from xinputrc by --read-xinputrc option.
-x --read-xinputrc
Determine the targeted Input Method from $HOME/imsettings/xinputrc or $xinputrcdir/xinputrc if not available.
-h --help
Show summary of options
Input Method name
Switch Input Method to Input Method name.
configuration filename
Switch Input Method to configuration filename.


This manual page was written by Akira TAGOH <akira [at]>