imsize (1) - Linux Manuals


imsize - Print size of image in WCS and pixels


imsize [-vcd] [-p scale] [-b ra dec] [-j ra dec] FITS or IRAF file(s)


imsize is a utility for printing the region covered by an image using the world coordinate system parameters in IRAF and FITS image headers. It converts IRAF .imh image headers to a FITS format before extracting the information. For IRAF files, the image dimensions and the object name are set from the binary portion of the header.


-b [<RA> <Dec>]
Output B1950 (B1950) coordinates (optional center)
Format output without pixel dimensions (optional size change)
Format output as input to DSS getimage (optional size change)
Add epoch of image to output line
-j [<RA> <Dec>]
Output J2000 (J2000) coordinates (optional center)
-n <number>
Number of decimal places in output (default 3)
-p <scale>
Initial plate scale in arcsec per pixel (default 0)
Print range in RA and Dec
Print more intermediate information for debugging
Use AIPS classic projections instead of WCSLIB


Jessica Mink, SAO (jmink [at]