ipa-pwpolicy (1) - Linux Man Pages

ipa-pwpolicy: Display or modify the IPA password policy


ipa-pwpolicy - Display or modify the IPA password policy


ipa-pwpolicy [--maxlife days] [--minlife hours] [--history number] [--minclasses number] [--minlength number]
ipa-pwpolicy --show


Displays or updates the IPA password policy.


Set the maximum Password Lifetime in days
Set the minimum Password Lifetime in hours
The number of passwords stored in the password history. A value of 0 means do not store a password history.
Set the minimum number of character classes required in a password. The classes are alpha, numeric, mixed-case and special characters.
Set the minimum password length.
Display the current password policy.
-v, --verbose
Display the XML-RPC request and response for more verbose debugging output


The exit status is 0 on success, nonzero on error.