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isdnbill: report isdn costs


isdnbill - report isdn costs


isdnbill is a simple and imperfect utility to show the bill for ISDN calls. Note that it is only for indicative purposes! It works best in Germany, and even then there are no guarantees. Consider its use for educational purposes only...

For better results, use isdnrep.


show version

show all connections

show incomplete calls

recalculate costs _always_

show incoming calls

prices without VAT

do _not_ replace numbers with aliases

show outgoing calls

show only current connections

verbose level n

show only calls with the specified number

show only calls on the internal S0 bus

show only calls on the external S0 bus


/var/log/isdn.log or /var/lib/isdn/calls
isdnlog log file with information about all calls.

general configuration

aliases for telephone numbers


This manual page was written by Paul Slootman <paul [at]>, for Debian GNU/Linux.


isdnlog(5) isdnlog(8) isdnrep(1)