kgetcred (1) - Linux Manuals

kgetcred: get a ticket for a particular service


kgetcred - get a ticket for a particular service


[--canonicalize ] [-c cache | --cache= cache ] [-e enctype | --enctype= enctype ] [-name-type= name-type ] [--no-transit-check ] [--version ] [--help ] service
[options] -name-type= SRV_HST service hostname


obtains a ticket for a service. Usually tickets for services are obtained automatically when needed but sometimes for some odd reason you want to obtain a particular ticket or of a special type.

The second form applies hostname canonicalization using local name canonicalization rules just as applications normally would, possibly enabling canonicalization via referrals.

Supported options:

requests that the KDC canonicalize the principal.
--name-type= name-type
the name-type to use when parsing the principal name.
-c cache , --cache= cache
the credential cache to use.
--delegation-credential-cache= cache
the credential cache to use for delegation.
-e enctype , --enctype= enctype
encryption type to use.
requests that the KDC doesn't do transit checking.


kinit(1), klist(1)