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linux-check-removal: check whether removal of a kernel is safe


linux-check-removal - check whether removal of a kernel is safe


linux-check-removal VERSION


linux-check-removal is intended to be called from the prerm
maintainer scripts of Linux kernel packages.

The VERSION argument must be the kernel version string as shown by uname -r and used in filenames.

If the currently running kernel matches VERSION, linux-check-removal normally prompts the user to confirm this potentially dangerous action and fails if the user chooses to abort. There are two exceptions to this behaviour:

If the current environment is a chroot or container, it is assumed that the running kernel is independent of any installed kernel package and the command always quietly succeeds
If debconf prompts are disabled, the command warns if removing the running kernel but always succeeds


Name of the preferred debconf front-end. If set to noninteractive, debconf prompts are disabled and linux-check-removal always quietly succeeds.
Name of the package to be removed, automatically set by dpkg.


linux-check-removal and this manual page were written by Ben Hutchings as part of the Debian linux-base package.