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livemedia-creator: Create live install media


livemedia-creator - Create live install media


livemedia-creator [-h]
 (--make-iso | --make-disk | --make-fsimage | --make-appliance | --make-ami | --make-tar | --make-pxe-live | --make-ostree-live)
 [--iso ISO] [--disk-image DISK_IMAGE]
 [--fs-image FS_IMAGE] [--ks KS]
 [--image-name IMAGE_NAME] [--image-only]
 [--fs-label FS_LABEL]
 [--compression] [--compress-arg]
 [--live-rootfs-size LIVE_ROOTFS_SIZE]
 [--live-rootfs-keep-size LIVE_ROOTFS_KEEP_SIZE]
 [--keep-image] [--no-virt] [--proxy PROXY]
 [--anaconda-arg ANACONDA_ARGS]
 [--armplatform ARMPLATFORM] [--location LOCATION]
 [--logfile LOGFILE]
 [--lorax-templates LORAX_TEMPLATES] [--tmp TMP]
 [--resultdir RESULT_DIR] [--app-name APP_NAME]
 [--app-template APP_TEMPLATE] [--app-file APP_FILE]
 [--ram MEMORY] [--vcpus VCPUS] [--vnc VNC]
 [--arch ARCH] [--kernel-args KERNEL_ARGS]
 [--dracut-arg DRACUT_ARGS] [--title TITLE]
 [--project PROJECT] [--releasever RELEASEVER]
 [--volid VOLID] [--squashfs_args SQUASHFS_ARGS]


livemedia-creator uses Anaconda, kickstart and Lorax to create bootable media that use the same install path as a normal system install. It can be used to make live isos, bootable (partitioned) disk images and filesystem images for use with virtualization.

The general idea is to use virt-install to install into a disk image and then use the disk image to create the bootable media.

livemedia-creator --help will describe all of the options available. At the minimum you need:

--make-iso to create a final bootable .iso --iso to specify the Anaconda install media to use with virt-install --ks is the kickstart to use to install the system


-h, --help
show this help message and exit

Build a live iso

Build a partitioned disk image

Build a filesystem image

Build an appliance image and XML description

Build an ami image

Build a tar of the root filesystem. Defaults to root.tar.xz

Build a live pxe boot squashfs image

Build a live pxe boot squashfs image of Atomic Host

--iso ISO
Anaconda installation .iso path to use for virt-install

--disk-image DISK_IMAGE
Path to disk image to use for creating final image

--fs-image FS_IMAGE
Path to existing filesystem image to use for creating final image.

Create qcow2 image instead of raw sparse image when making disk images.

Arguments to pass to qemu-img. Pass once for each argument >>>>>>> d04a99e... livemedia-creator: Add support for making tarfiles

Compression binary for make-tar. xz, lzma, gzip, and bzip2 are supported. xz is the default.

Arguments to pass to compression. Pass once for each argument

--ks KS
Kickstart file defining the install.

--image-name IMAGE_NAME
Name of fs/disk image to create. Default is a random name.

Exit after creating fs/disk image.

Keep raw disk image after .iso creation

Use Anaconda's image install instead of virt-install

--proxy PROXY
proxy URL to use for the install

--anaconda-arg ANACONDA_ARGS
Additional argument to pass to anaconda (no-virt mode). Pass once for eachargument

--armplatform ARMPLATFORM
the platform to use when creating images for ARM, i.e., highbank, mvebu, omap,tegra, etc.

--location LOCATION
location of iso directory tree with initrd.img and vmlinuz. Used to run virt-install with a newer initrd than the iso.

--logfile LOGFILE
Path to logfile

--lorax-templates LORAX_TEMPLATES
Path to mako templates for lorax

--tmp TMP
Top level temporary directory

--resultdir RESULT_DIR
Directory to copy the resulting images and iso into. Defaults to the temporaryworking directory

--title TITLE
Substituted for @TITLE@ in bootloader config files

--project PROJECT
substituted for @PROJECT@ in bootloader config files

--releasever RELEASEVER
substituted for @VERSION@ in bootloader config files

--volid VOLID
volume id

--squashfs_args SQUASHFS_ARGS
additional squashfs args


--app-name APP_NAME
Name of appliance to pass to template

--app-template APP_TEMPLATE
Path to template to use for appliance data.

--app-file APP_FILE
Appliance template results file.


Size of root filesystem of live image in GiB. By default approximate size of space used in root filesystem is used.

Keep the size of original root filesystem (rounded down to GiB) in live image


--ram MEMORY
Memory to allocate for installer in megabytes.

--vcpus VCPUS
Passed to --vcpus command

--vnc VNC
Passed to --graphics command

--arch ARCH
Passed to --arch command

--kernel-args KERNEL_ARGS
Additional argument to pass to the installation kernel


--dracut-arg DRACUT_ARGS
Argument to pass to dracut when rebuilding the initramfs. Pass this once foreach argument. NOTE: this overrides the default.


Brian C. Lane


Documentation in /usr/share/docs/lorax/README.livemedia-creator