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llvm-size-14: manual page for llvm-size 14


llvm-size - manual page for llvm-size 14


OVERVIEW: LLVM object size dumper

USAGE: build-llvm/tools/clang/stage2-bins/bin/llvm-size [options] <input object files>


Alias for --format
Alias for --format
Print common symbols in the ELF file. When using Berkeley format, this is added to bss
Alias for --radix=,10/
--format=<value> Specify output format
Display this help
Alias for --help
Alias for --format
Alias for --radix=,8/
Print size in radix
Print totals of all objects - Berkeley format only
Alias for --totals
Display the version
Alias for --radix=,16/

OPTIONS (Mach-O specific):

--arch=<value> architecture(s) from a Mach-O file to dump
When format is darwin, use long format to include addresses and offsets

Pass @FILE as argument to read options from FILE.