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mate-invest-chart: tool to set CPU frequency


mate-invest-chart --- tool to set CPU frequency




The mate-invest-chart is a MATE panel applet that downloads current quotes for stocks, stock indices, currencies and precious metals. Quotes are downloaded from Yahoo! Finance and are displayed in a drop-down list.


Invest provides the following features:

Retrieve quotes for any stock, stock index, currency or precious metal known by Yahoo! Finance
Quotes are automatically updated every 15 minutes
The current price, today's change, and a chart of today's changes are displayed
The currency of the quote is displayed, and if configured, automatically translated into a target currency
The amount of the increase or decrease in the price since purchase, also translatable into the target currency
The percentage increase or decrease in the price since purchase


mate-invest-chart, as part of mate-applets (derived from gnome-applets), has been written by Raphael Slinckx and other GNOME/MATE contributors.

This mate-invest-chart manual page has been written by Mike Gabriel <mike.gabriel [at]> for the Debian system (but may be used by others.