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me-tv: a digital television (DVB) viewer for GNOME


me-tv - a digital television (DVB) viewer for GNOME


me-tv [-?|--help] [-v|--verbose] [-s|--safe-mode] [-m|--minimised] [--disable-epg] [--disable-epg-thread] [--no-screensaver-inhibit] [--devices] [--read-timeout] [--display=DISPLAY]


Me TV is a GTK desktop application for watching digital television services that use the DVB standard. Me TV works with DVB-T/C/S and ATSC cards that have kernel driver support.

Me TV uses the xine video player to render its output onto its video window. Me TV reads the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) data that is transmitted over the air to populate a built-in program guide which can be used for scheduling recordings.

Me TV has a built-in scanner which can autoscan certain countries or use an initial scan file.


Show help options.
Show verbose output.
Show the preferences dialog an don't show video upon start.
Show minimised in notification area at startup.
Stops the rendering of the EPG event buttons on the UI.
Disable the EPG thread. Me TV will stop collecting EPG events.
Tells Me TV not to call the screensaver Inhibit/UnInhibit methods for GNOME Screensaver.
Only use the specified frontend devices. You can specify more than one device by using a comma or colon separator. (e.g. --devices=/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend1)
How long to wait (in seconds) before timing out while waiting for data from demuxer (default 5)
X display to use


Michael Lamothe (2007-2010) <michael.lamothe [at]>.


Copyright (C) 2010 Michael Lamothe <michael.lamothe [at]>.