minipro - flash various chips with Minipro TL866XX series of programmers from


minipro [-p device] [-c code|data|config] [-r|-w filename] [-e][-u][-P][-i|-I]

miniprohex [-p device] [-c code|data|config] [-r|-w filename] [-e][-u][-P][-i|-I]

If -c is omitted and -r is specified then the code, data (if applicable) and config (if applicable) are getting read in filename.$ext, filename.eeprom.$ext and filename.config.txt correspondingly. If -c is omitted and -w is specified then -c code is getting enforced.

The -i and -I options enable use of ICSP port for TL866A models. The former enables the voltage supply on the Vcc pin of the ICSP port while the latter leaves it off.


minipro is an opensource tool that aims to create a complete cross-platform replacement for proprietary utility from Currently it's supporting more than 13000 of target devices - including AVRs, PICs as well as a huge number of other microcontrollers and various BIOSes.