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mlmmj-make-ml: create a mailing list for mlmmj


mlmmj-make-ml - create a mailing list for mlmmj


mlmmj-make-ml [-h] [-L listname] [-s spooldir] [-a] [-c user] [-z]
-h: Display help
-L: The name of the mailing list
-s: Your spool directory (default /var/spool/mlmmj)
-a: Create the needed entries in your /etc/aliases file
-c: User to chown the spool directory to (default not to chown at all)
-z: Do nothing for now


This is an interactive script which creates the mailing list directory and thus the list itself for being run by mlmmj.


It's not possible to create a list entirely on the command line.


This manual page was written by the following persons:
Søren Boll Overgaard <boll [at]> (based on html2man output)
Mads Martin Jørgensen <mmj [at]>