moggsplit (1) - Linux Manuals

moggsplit: split Ogg logical streams


moggsplit - split Ogg logical streams


moggsplit filename ...


moggsplit splits a multiplexed Ogg stream into separate files. For example, it can separate an OGM into separate Ogg DivX and Ogg Vorbis streams, or a chained Ogg Vorbis file into two separate files.


Use the supplied extension when generating new files; the default is ogg.
Use the supplied pattern when generating new files. This is a Python keyword format string with three variables, base for the original file's base name, stream for the stream's serial number, and ext for the extension give by --extension.

The default is %(base)s-%(stream)d.%(ext)s.

Generate an m3u playlist along with the newly generated files. Useful for large chained Oggs.


Joe Wreschnig