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mudraw: render PDF/XPS/CBZ/EPUB documents


mudraw - render PDF/XPS/CBZ/EPUB documents


mudraw [options] file [pages]


mudraw will render a document of a supported document format to image files, convert to another vector format, or extract the text content.

The supported input document formats are: pdf, xps, cbz, and epub.

The supported output image formats are: pbm, pgm, ppm, pam, png, tga, pwg, and pcl. The supported output vector formats are: svg, pdf, and debug trace (as xml). The supported output text formats are: plain text, html, and structured text (as xml).


-p password
Use the specified password if the file is encrypted.
-o output
The output format is inferred from the output file name. Embed %d in the name to indicate the page number (for example: "page%d.png"). Printf modifiers are supported, for example "%03d". If no output is specified, the output will go to stdout.
-F format
Enforce a specific output format. Use this when outputting to stdout.
-R angle
Rotate clockwise by given number of degrees.
-r resolution
Render the page at the specified resolution. The default resolution is 72 dpi.
-w width
Render the page at the specified width (or, if the -r flag is used, render with a maximum width).
-h height
Render the page at the specified height (or, if the -r flag is used, render with a maximum height).
Fit exactly; ignore the aspect ratio when matching specified width/heights.
-W width
Page width in points for EPUB layout.
-H height
Page height in points for EPUB layout.
-S size
Font size in points for EPUB layout.
-c colorspace
Render in the specified colorspace. Supported colorspaces are: mono, gray, grayalpha, rgb, rgbalpha, cmyk, cmykalpha. Some abbreviations are allowed: m, g, ga, rgba, cmyka. The default is chosen based on the output format.
-G gamma
Apply gamma correction. Some typical values are 0.7 or 1.4 to thin or darken text rendering.
Invert colors.
-s [mft5]
Show various bits of information: memory use, features, timings, and/or md5 checksum.
-A bits
Specify how many bits of anti-aliasing to use. The default is 8.
Disable use of display lists. May cause slowdowns, but should reduce the amount of memory used. -i Ignore errors.
Comma separated list of page numbers and ranges (for example: 1,5,10-15). If no pages are specified, then all pages will be rendered.


MuPDF is Copyright 2006-2015 Artifex Software, Inc.


mupdf(1), mutool(1).