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Release Notes - python-nitrate release notes


There have been many substantial changes in the python-nitrate implementation and a bunch of new features have been added. Many thanks to Filip Holec for contributing substantial part of the new caching implementation. Here's the summary of important changes:

Improved Performance

Common caching support for all Nitrate classes
Persistent cache implementation, MultiCall support
Cache().update() support for multicall slicing
Experimental support for fetching data from Teiid

New Object Attributes

TestPlan.owner attribute holding the default owner
TestPlan.sortkey() for getting/setting test case order
TestRun.testcases for easy iteration over linked cases
TestRun.started and TestRun.finished timestamps
TestCase.created for accessing the creation date

Other Features

Huge api module refactored into several modules
New utility functions header() and sliced() added
Support for colored logging, new custom log levels
Plain authentication supported in addition to Kerberos
Improved man pages, module documentation and examples

Under the Hood

The big cleanup of ininitialization and caching
TestPlan.testruns reimplemented using PlanRuns container
TestRun.caseruns and TestRun.testcases containers
Test case containers iterate over sorted test cases
Bugs reimplemented with containers and caching
Store the initial object dict as _inject for future use

Test Suite

New unit test cases implemented, many improved
Added support for performance tests (--performance)
Overall test summary printed at the end of testing

API Changes

Several backward-incompatible changes had to be introduced in order to improve the performance and because of necessary cleanup. Below you can find the list of differences in the module API.

Object id cannot be provided as string:

− TestCase("1234")
+ TestCase(1234)

Tags are now regular objects and should be used instead of strings (although for adding/removing and presence checking backward compatiblity is silently preserved):

− testcase.tags.add("TestParametrized")
+ testcase.tags.add(Tag("TestParametrized"))
− "TestParametrized" in testcase.tags
+ Tag("TestParametrized") in testcase.tags

Default version has been moved from Product into TestPlan class. Placing the default product version inside the Product class was by mistake. The TestPlan class has been adjusted by adding a new attribute 'version' as this is the proper place for this data:

− Product(name="Fedora", version="20)
+ Product(name="Fedora")
+ Product("Fedora")

This is also why version is now a required field when creating a new test plan:

− TestPlan(name=N, product=P, type=T)
+ TestPlan(name=N, product=P, version=V, type=T)

Long-ago obsoleted functions for setting log level, cache level and coloring mode were removed, all log level constants are now directly available in the main module:

− setLogLevel(log.DEBUG)
+ set_log_level(LOG_DEBUG)

− setColorMode(COLOR_OFF)
+ set_color_mode(COLOR_OFF)

+ set_cache_level(CACHE_PERSISTENT)

Utility function color() does not reflect the current color mode automatically. Instead, new parameter 'enabled' should be used to disable the coloring when desired, for example:

color("txt", color="red", enabled=config.Coloring().enabled())