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nm-connection-editor: network connection editor for NetworkManager


nm-connection-editor - network connection editor for NetworkManager


nm-connection-editor [ OPTIONS ]


nm-connection-editor is a GTK-based application to add, remove, and modify network connections stored by NetworkManager. NetworkManager must be running for any network connections to be added, removed, or modified.


-t, --type=<type>
Type of connection to create or show. Values are NetworkManager setting names, eg "802-3-ethernet", "802-11-wireless", "bridge", "bond", "infiniband", "vlan", etc. Does nothing if --create or --show is not given.
-s, --show
Expand or collapse the network list to highlight the network connection type given by --type.
-c, --create
Create a new connection of the type given by --type and allow the user to modify connection details.
-e, --edit=<uuid>
Show the network connection edit window for the connection of the given UUID.


nmcli(1), NetworkManager(8), nm-applet(1).