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npm-logout: Log out of the registry


npm-logout - Log out of the registry


npm logout [--registry=<url>] [--scope=<@scope>]


When logged into a registry that supports token-based authentication, tell the server to end this token's session. This will invalidate the token everywhere you're using it, not just for the current environment.

When logged into a legacy registry that uses username and password authentication, this will clear the credentials in your user configuration. In this case, it will only affect the current environment.

If --scope is provided, this will find the credentials for the registry connected to that scope, if set.




The base URL of the npm package registry. If scope is also specified, it takes precedence.


Default: none

If specified, the user and login credentials given will be associated with the specified scope. See npm help 7 npm-scope. You can use both at the same time, e.g.

npm adduser --registry= --scope=@myco

This will set a registry for the given scope and login or create a user for that registry at the same time.


npm help adduser
npm help 7 registry
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npm help 7 config
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