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ofxconnect: Create a statement request file


ofxconnect - Create a statement request file


ofxconnect [OPTIONS]... [FILES]...


ofxconnect 0.9.9

prints to stdout the created OFX file based on the options you pass it. currently it will only create a statement request file. you can POST this to an OFX server to request a statement from that financial institution for that account.

-h, --help
Print help and exit
-V, --version
Print version and exit
FI partner identifier (looks up fid, org & url from partner server)
FI identifier
FI org tag
IBAN bank identifier
Broker identifier
User name
Account ID
Account Type 1=checking 2=invest 3=ccard
How far back to look from today (in days)
Url to POST the data to (otherwise goes to stdout)
Transaction id
Group: command
-s, --statement-req
Request for a statement
-a, --accountinfo-req
Request for a list of accounts
-p, --payment-req
Request to make a payment
-i, --paymentinquiry-req
Request to inquire about the status of a payment
-b, --bank-list
List all known banks
-f, --bank-fipid
List all fipids for a given bank
-v, --bank-services
List supported services for a given fipid
List all banks which support online banking