opa_osd_exercise (1) - Linux Manuals



Performs stress test on SM and distributed SA query system.


opa_osd_exercise [ opts] guidlist


Options. Values include:

-d debug level Sets debugging level.

-s seconds Specifies running for at least seconds seconds.

-r remote Specifies the host running the fabric simulator.

-x count Number of destinations to toggle up or down after each pass. Maximum = MAX_TOGGLES.

-X count Specifies how often to toggle a source port up or down (in seconds).

-D seconds Specifies how long to sleep after each pass. This value gives the Subnet Manager time to process port events.

-p pkey Specifies to include pkey in the searches. Can be specified up to 8 times.

-S sid
Specifies to include SID in the searches.
-t error threshold
Cancels the test if the number of path errors to a single destination exceeds error threshold. The count is reset to zero when a correct result is retrieved. Can be specified up to 8 times. Note that providing both SIDs and pkeys may cause problems.
Instructs simulator to enable all ports before starting.

Text file that lists the source and destination GUIDs and LIDs. For example, from a build_table.pl file.


opa_osd_exercise -p 0x9001 guidtable