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(Switch and Host) Configures the Intel(R) Omni-Path Fabric Suite FastFabric.


opaconfig [-r root] [-v|-vv] [-u|-s|-e comp] [-E#8217#160; comp] [-D comp]
[--user_queries|--no_user_queries] [--answer keyword=value]

opaconfig -C

opaconfig -V


No option
Starts the Intel(R) OP Software TUI.

Produces full help text.

-r root
Specifies alternate root directory; default is /.

Verbose logging.

Very verbose debug logging.

Uninstalls all ULPs and drivers with default options.

Enables autostart for all installed drivers.

-e comp
Uninstalls the given component with default options. This option can appear more than once on the command line.

-E comp
Enables autostart of a given component. This option can appear with -D or more than once on the command line.

-D comp
Disables autostart of given component. This option can appear with -E or more than once on the command line.

Outputs list of supported components.

Supported components include: opa_stack ibacm mpi_selector intel_hfi oftools opa_stack_dev fastfa bric delta_ipoib opafm mvapich2 openmpi gasnet openshmem mvapich2_gcc_hfi mvapic h2_pgi_hfi mvapich2_intel_hfi openmpi_gcc_hfi openmpi_pgi_hfi openmpi_intel_hfi delta_mpisrc delta_debug
Supported component name aliases include: opa ipoib mpi mpisrc opadev
Outputs version.

Permits non-root users to query the fabric (default).

Prohibits non-root users from querying the fabric.

--answer keyword=value
Provides an answer to a question that may occur during the operation. Answers to questions not asked are ignored. Invalid answers result in prompting for interactive installs, or using default options for non-interactive installs.

Possible Questions ( keyword=value):

UserQueries Allow non-root users to access the UMAD interface?

NOTE: Allowing access to UMAD device files may present a security risk. However, this allows tools such as opasaquery and opaportinfo to be used by non-root users.

IrqBalance Set IrqBalance to Exact?


# opaconfig
Intel OPA x.x.x.x.x Software

#8217#160; 1) Show Installed Software
#8217#160; 2) Reconfigure OFED IP over IB
#8217#160; 3) Reconfigure Driver Autostart
#8217#160; 4) Generate Supporting Information for Problem Report
#8217#160; 5) FastFabric (Host/Chassis/Switch Setup/Admin)
#8217#160; 6) Uninstall Software

#8217#160; X) Exit