opapmaquery (1) - Linux Manuals



(All) Performs individual PMA queries against a specific LID. It is very useful in displaying port runtime information.


opapmaquery [-v] [-s sl] [-l lid] [-h hfi] [-p port] [-o otype]
[-m port] [-n mask] [-e mask] [-w mask]


Verbose output. Can be specified more than once for additional openib debugging and libibumad debugging.

-s sl
Specifies different service level. Default is 0.

-l lid
Destination LID. Default is local port.

-h hfi
HFI, numbered 1..n. Using 0 specifies that the -p port port is a system-wide port number. Default is 0.

-p port
Port, numbered 1..n. If -h hfi is 0, then port is a system-wide port number. Default is first active port.

-o otype
Output type. Default is getportstatus.

Valid output types are:

classportinfo List of port info records.

getportstatus List of port status records.

[-m port] [-w vl mask]

clearportstatus Clears the port status.

[-n port mask] [-e counter mask] [-w vl mask]

getdatacounters List of data counters.

[-n port mask] [-w vl mask]

geterrorcounters List of error counters.

[-n port mask] [-w vl mask]

geterrorinfo List of error info.

[-n port mask]

clearerrorinfo Clears the error info.

[-n port mask] [-e counter mask]

-h and -p options permit a variety of selections:

-h 0
First active port in system (default).

-h 0 -p 0
First active port in system.

-h x
First active port on HFI x.

-h x#8217#160;-p 0
First active port on HFI x.

-h 0 -p y
Port y#8217#160;within system (no matter which ports are active).

-h x#8217#160;-p y
HFI x, port y.

otype options vary by report

-m port
Port in destination device to query/clear. Required when using -l option for all but -o classportinfo.

-n mask
Port mask, in hexadecimal. Bits represent ports 63-0. For example: 0x2 for port 1, 0x6 for ports 1, 2.

-e mask
Counter/error select mask, in hexadecimal. The following lists "Mask - Bit - Location for Counters". Where applicable, location "for Error Info" is presented. The default is all bits set (0xffffffe0).

0x80000000 - 31 - Transmit Data For Error Info: Receive Error Info

0x40000000 - 30 - Receive Data For Error Info: Excessive Buffer Overrun

0x20000000 - 29 - Transmit Packets For Error Info: Transmit Const Error Info

0x10000000 - 28 - Receive Packets For Error Info: Receive Const Error Info

0x08000000 - 27 - Multicast Transmit Packets For Error Info: Receive Switch Relay Error Info

0x04000000 - 26 - Multicast Receive Packets For Error Info: Uncorrectable Error Info

0x02000000 - 25 - Transmit Wait For Error Info: FM Configuration Error Info

0x01000000 - 24 - Congestion Discards

0x00800000 - 23 - Receive FECN

0x00400000 - 22 - Receive BECN

0x00200000 - 21 - Transmit Time Cong.

0x00100000 - 20 - Transmit Time Wasted BW

0x00080000 - 19 - Transmit Time Wait Data

0x00040000 - 18 - Receive Bubble

0x00020000 - 17 - Mark FECN

0x00010000 - 16 - Receive Constraint Errors

0x00008000 - 15 - Receive Switch Relay

0x00004000 - 14 - Transmit Discards

0x00002000 - 13 - Transmit Constraint Errors

0x00001000 - 12 - Receive Remote Physical Errors

0x00000800 - 11 - Local Link Integrity

0x00000400 - 10 - Receive Errors

0x00000200 - 9 - Exc. Buffer Overrun

0x00000100 - 8 - FM Configuration Errors

0x00000080 - 7 - Link Error Recovery

0x00000040 - 6 - Link Error Downed

0x00000020 - 5 - Uncorrectable Errors

-w mask
Virtual Lane Select Mask, in hexadecimal. Bits represent VL number 31-0. For example, 0x1 for VL 0, 0x3 for VL 0,1. Default is none.


opapmaquery -o classportinfo

opapmaquery -o getportstatus
# get data and error counts, local port

opapmaquery -o getdatacounters -n 0x2
# get data counts, local port 1

opapmaquery -o geterrorcounters -n 0x2
# get error counts, local port 1

opapmaquery -o clearportstatus -n 0x2
# clear all counters local port 1

opapmaquery -o geterrorinfo -n 0x2
# get error info for local port 1

opapmaquery -o clearerrorinfo -n 0x2
# clear all error info, local port 1

Additional Examples

opapmaquery -o getdatacounters -l 6 -n 0x7e -w 0x1
# for device at LID 6, get data counters on ports 1-6, inclusive of VL 0 data

opapmaquery -o clearportstatus -l 6 -n 0x2 -e 0x1ffff
# for device at LID 6, on port 1, clear only error counters

opapmaquery -o clearerrorinfo -l 6 -n 0x2 -e 0x04000000
# for device at LID 6, on ports 1, clear uncorrectable error info