opaportinfo (1) - Linux Manuals



(Host or Switch) Displays configuration and state of a specified Intel(R) Omni-Path Host Fabric Interface (HFI) port on the local host or a remote switch.


opaportinfo [-l lid[-m dest_port]] [-h hfi] [-p port] [-K mkey] [-v]


-l lid
Destination LID. Default is local port.

-m dest_port
Destination port. Default is port with given LID. Useful to access switch ports.

-h hfi
HFI to send through/to. Default is first HFI.

-p port
Port to send through/to. Default is first port.

-K mkey
SM management key to access remote ports.

-h and -p options permit a variety of selections:

-h 0
First port in system (default).

-h x
First port on HFI x.

-h 0 -p y
Port y within system.

-h x#8217#160;-p y
HFI x, port y.

Debug Options

Verbose output. Additional invocations (#8217#8211;v -v ...) turn on debugging, openib debugging, and libibumad debugging.


opaportinfo -p 1
opaportinfo -p 2 -h 2 -l 5 -m 18


To access switch ports using this command, the -l and -m options must be given. The -l option specifies the LID of switch port 0 (the logical management port for the switch) and -m specifies the actual switch port to access. If SMA mkeys are used, the -K option is also needed. However, the Intel(R) Omni-Path Fabric Suite Fabric Manager does not use SMA mkeys by default, therefore this option may not be required.