opasmaquery (1) - Linux Manuals



(All) Performs Intel(R) Omni-Path Architecture-defined SMA queries and displays the resulting response. Each query is issued directly to the SMA and does not involve SM interaction.


opasmaquery [-v] [-d detail][-g] [-l lid] [-h hfi] [-p port] [-K mkey] [-o otype] [-m port| port1,port2] [-f flid] [-b block[,count]] [hop hop ...]


Produces full help text.

Returns verbose output. Can be specified more than once for additional openib and libibumad debugging.

-d detail
Output detail level for cableinfo only. Range = 0 - n. Default = 2. An upper limit for detail level is not enforced. After a maximum amount of output is reached, a larger detail value has no effect.

Displays line-by-line format. Default is summary format.

-l lid
Destination LID. Default is local port.

-h hfi
HFI, numbered 1..n. Using 0 specifies that the -p port port is a system-wide port number. Default is 0.

-p port
Port, numbered 1..n. If -h hfi is 0, then port is a system-wide port number. Default is 1.

-K mkey
SM management key to access remote ports.

-o otype
Output type. Default is nodeinfo.

Valid output types are:

bfrctrl Buffer control tables.

[-m dest_port] [-m port1,port2]

cableinfo Cable information.

[-d detail] [-m dest_port] [-b block[,count]]

conginfo Congestion information.

desc or nodedesc Node descriptions/names.

hficongcon HFI congestion control settings.

[-b block[,count]] [-f flid]

hficonglog HFI congestion logs.

[-b block[,count]]

hficongset HFI congestion settings.

linfdb Switch linear forwarding database (FDB) tables.

[-b block[,count]] [-f flid]

mcfdb Switch multicast FDB tables.

[-m dest_port] [-b block[,count]] [-f flid]

portgroup Adaptive Routing port groups.

[-b block[,count]]

portgroupfdb Adaptive Routing port group FWD tables.

[-b block[,count]] [-f flid]

nodeaggr Node information and node descriptions.

node or nodeinfo Node information.

[-m dest_port]

portinfo Port information.

[-m dest_port]

pstateinfo Switch port state information.

[-m dest_port] [-m port1,port2]

pkey P-Key tables.

[-m dest_port] [-b block[,count]]

slsc SL to SC mapping tables.

scsl SC to SL mapping tables.

scsc SC to SC mapping tables.

[-m dest_port] [-m port1,port2]

scvlt SC to VLt tables.

[-m dest_port] [-m port1,port2]

scvlnt SC to VLnt tables.

[-m dest_port] [-m port1,port2]

sminfo SM information.

swaggr Node information and switch information.

swconglog Switch congestion logs.

[-b block[,count]]

swcongset Switch congestion settings.

swinfo Switch information.

swportcong Switch congestion settings.

[-b block[,count]]

vlarb VL arbitration tables.

[-m dest_port]

ibnodeinfo IB node information.

ledinfo LED information.

[-m dest_port]

-h and -p options permit a variety of selections:

-h 0
First active port in system (default).

-h 0 -p 0
First active port in system.

-h x
First active port on HFI x.

-h x#8217#160;-p 0
First active port on HFI x.

-h 0 -p y
Port y#8217#160; within system (no matter which ports are active).

-h x#8217#160;-p y
HFI x, port y

otype Options Vary by Report

-m port
Port in destination device to query.

-m port1,port2
For some reports, a range of ports between port1 and port2. For others, this describes an inport/outport pair.

-f flid
LID to look up in forwarding table to select which LFT or MFT block to display. Default is to show entire table.

-b block[,count]
Block number of either GUIDs or pkey, and the number of blocks to display. Default is to show entire table.

For example:

-b block Displays all of block block of a larger table.

-b block,count Displays count blocks of data starting with block block.

-b, count Displays count blocks of data starting with block 0.


opasmaquery -o desc -l 6
# get nodedesc via lid routed

opasmaquery -o nodedesc 1 3
# get nodedesc via directed route (2 dr hops)

opasmaquery -o nodeinfo -l 2 3
# get nodeinfo via a combination of lid routed and # directed route (1 dr hop)

opasmaquery -o portinfo
# get local port info

opasmaquery -o portinfo -l 6 -m 1
# get port info of port 1 of lid 6

opasmaquery -o pkey -l 2 3
# get pkey table entries starting (lid routed to lid 2,
# then 1 dr hop to port 3)

opasmaquery -o vlarb -l 6
# get vlarb table entries from lid 6

opasmaquery -o swinfo -l 2
# get switch info

opasmaquery -o sminfo -l 1
# get SM info

opasmaquery -o slsc -l 3
# get sl2sc table entries from lid 3

opasmaquery -o scsl -l 3
# get sc2sl table entries from lid 3