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otl2html: converts vimoutliner outline to HTML


otl2html - converts vimoutliner outline to HTML


otl2html [filename]


This manual page documents briefly the otl2html Python script.

otl2html is a is a python(1) script that converts a vimoutliner(1) outline to HTML.

otl2html script called just with filename of the processed outline will produce HTML document on standard output.


Presentation: slide show output for use with HtmlSlides.
First-level is divisions (<div> </div>) for making pretty web pages.
sheet Use the specified style sheet with a link.
sheet Include the specified style sheet in-line the output. For encapsulated style.
The first line is not the title. Treat it as outline data
Hide comments (line with [ as the first non-whitespace character. Ending with ] is optional.
copyright Override the internal copyright notice with the one supplied in the quoted string following this flag. Single or double quotes can be used.
Print version (RCS) information.
Show the file syntax help.


This manual page was written by Matej Cepl <matej [at] ceplovi.cz>, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).


vim(1), python(1)