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owncloudcmd: Command line ownCloud client tool.


owncloudcmd - Command line ownCloud client tool.


owncloudcmd [OPTIONS...] sourcedir owncloudurl


owncloudcmd is the command line tool used for the ownCloud file synchronization desktop utility.

Contrary to the owncloud(1) GUI client, owncloudcmd only performs a single sync run and then exits. In so doing, owncloudcmd replaces the ocsync binary used for the same purpose in earlier releases.

A sync run synchronizes a single local directory using a WebDAV share on a remote ownCloud server.

To invoke the command line client, provide the local and the remote repository: The first parameter is the local directory. The second parameter is the server URL.

NOTE: Prior to the 1.6 release of owncloudcmd, the tool only accepted owncloud:// or ownclouds:// in place of http:// and https:// as a scheme. See Examples for details.


--user, -u [user]
Use user as the login name.
--password, -p [password]
Use password as the password.
Use netrc (5) for login.
Do not prompt for questions.
--silent, --s
Inhibits verbose log output.
Trust any SSL certificate, including invalid ones.
--httpproxy http://[user@pass:]<server>:<port>
Uses server as HTTP proxy.
Uses Non Shibboleth WebDAV Authentication
--davpath [path]
Overrides the WebDAV Path with path
--exclude [file]
Exclude list file
--unsyncedfolders [file]
File containing the list of unsynced folders (selective sync)
--max-sync-retries [n]
Retries maximum n times (defaults to 3)
Sync hidden files,do not ignore them


To synchronize the ownCloud directory Music to the local directory media/music through a proxy listening on port 8080 on the gateway machine, the command line would be:

$ owncloudcmd --httpproxy \
              $HOME/media/music \

owncloudcmd will enquire user name and password, unless they have been specified on the command line or -n (see netrc(5)) has been passed.

Using the legacy scheme, it would be:

$ owncloudcmd --httpproxy \
              $HOME/media/music \


Please report bugs at https://github.com/owncloud/client/issues.


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