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pac: Perl Auto Connector


pac - Perl Auto Connector


pac [-start_tray]


pac is a (simple?) GUI to manage/launch connections to remote machines with:

        - Configurable [Pre|Post]-connection local commands execution.

        - Configurable list of macros (commands) to send to connected client.

        - Configurable list of macros (commands) to execute locally when connected.

        - Configurable list of conditional executions on connected machine via 'Expect':

                . forget about SSH certificates

                . chain multiple ssh connections

                . automate tunnels creation

                . etc

        - Ability to connect to machines through a Proxy server!

        - Scripting (Perl language), just like SecureCRT, but much better! :P

        - Wake On LAN capabilities

        - TABBED/WINDOWED terminals

        - Possibility to *CLUSTER* terminals!!

        - Local and Global variables, eg.: write down a password once, use it ANY where, centralizing its modification for faster changes! use them for:

                . password vault

                . reusing connection strings

                . etc

        - Seamless Gnome/Gtk integration.

        - Tray icon for 'right button' quick launching of managed connections.

        - Written in Perl/Gtk (wait, *is* that a feature? Well, it is for me! ;=)


Initialise pac minimized to tray.


Per user configuration directory.


Uses next Gnome's configuration paths:
Takes this proxy path
Takes this proxy port
Takes this proxy user name
Takes this proxy password


Well... I thinks that by this version, there should not be any known bugs but, I'm sure you 'will' find some. If so, please, let me know!


David Torrejón Vaquerizas < [at]>



ssh(1), sftp(1), telnet(1) rdesktop(1) vncviewer(1) remote-tty(1) cu(1)