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pandoc-citeproc: filter to resolve citations in a pandoc document.


pandoc-citeproc - filter to resolve citations in a pandoc document.


pandoc-citeproc [options] [file..]


The pandoc-citeproc executable has two modes, filter mode and convert mode.

Filter mode

Run without options, it acts as a filter that takes a JSON-encoded Pandoc document, formats citations and adds a bibliography, and returns a JSON-encoded pandoc document.

To process citations with pandoc, call pandoc-citeproc as a filter:

pandoc --filter pandoc-citeproc -s -o output.html

The bibliography will be put into a pandoc Div container with class references.

pandoc-citeproc will look for the following metadata fields in the input:

bibliography: A path, or YAML list of paths, of bibliography files to use. These may be in any of the formats supported by bibutils.

Format            File extension
------------      --------------
MODS              .mods
BibLaTeX          .bib
BibTeX            .bibtex
RIS               .ris
EndNote           .enl
EndNote XML       .xml
ISI               .wos
MEDLINE           .medline
Copac             .copac
JSON citeproc     .json

references: A YAML list of references. Each reference is a YAML object. The format is essentially CSL JSON format. Here is an example:

- id: doe2006
    family: Doe
    given: [John, F.]
  title: Article
  page: 33-34
    year: 2006
  type: article-journal
  volume: 6
  container-title: Journal of Generic Studies

The contents of fields will be interpreted as markdown when appropriate: so, for example, emphasis and strong emphasis can be used in title fileds. Simple tex math will also be parsed and rendered appropriately.

csl or citation-style: Path to a CSL style file. If the file is not found relative to the working directory, pandoc-citeproc will look in the $HOME/.csl directory (or C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\csl in Windows 7).

citation-abbreviations: Path to a CSL abbreviations JSON file. The format is described here ( Here is a short example:

"default": {
    "container-title": {
            "Lloyd's Law Reports": "Lloyd's Rep",
            "Estates Gazette": "EG",
            "Scots Law Times": "SLT"

The metadata must contain either references or bibliography or both as a source of references. csl and citation-abbreviations are optional. If csl is not provided, chicago-author-date.csl will be used by default.

Convert mode

If the option --bib2yaml or --bib2json is used, pandoc-citeproc will not process citations; instead, it will treat its input (from stdin or files) as a bibliography and convert it either to a pandoc YAML metadata section, suitable for inclusion in a pandoc document (--bib2yaml), or as a CSL JSON bibliography, suitable for import to zotero (--bib2json).

The --format option can be used to specify the bibliography format, though when files are used, pandoc-citeproc can generally guess this from the extension.

This mode supersedes the old biblio2yaml program.


-h, --help
Print usage information.
-V, --version
Print version.
-y, --bib2yaml
Convert bibliography to YAML suitable for inclusion in pandoc metadata.
-j, --bib2json
Convert bibliography to CSL JSON suitable for import into Zotero.
-f FORMAT, --format=FORMAT
Specify format of bibliography to be converted. Legal values are biblatex, bibtex, ris, endnote, endnotexml, isi, medline, copac, and json.


Andrea Rossato and John MacFarlane.


pandoc (1).

The pandoc-citeproc source code and all documentation may be downloaded from <>.