pdc_client (1) - Linux Manuals

pdc_client: work with a PDC instance


pdc_client - work with a PDC instance


pdc_client -s SERVER [OPTIONS...]


pdc_client provides access a given PDC instance for reading and writing data. If you have a Kerberos ticket, it will automatically obtain an access token.


-s, --server=SERVER
Set which URL to connect to. There are shortcuts available for RedHat hosted instances (prod, stage, qa, dev). The server URL needs to include path to the API root (usually /rest_api/v1/). This argument is always required.
-x, --request=METHOD
Select which method to perform on the resource. This maps directly to HTTP methods, so GET, POST, PUT, PATCH and DELETE are available. Default is GET.
-r, --resource=RESOURCE
Select which resource to manipulate. If omitted, a list of available resource is printed. For accessing a single instance of a resource, specify RESOURCE_NAME/INSTANCE_ID. The instance identifier depends on what resource you are operating on.
-d, --data=DATA
Specify data to be sent to the server. The data must be formatted as JSON.
-f, --file=FILE
Like -d, but reads data from file instead of command line argument. If FILE is specified as -, standard input will be read. Only one of -d and -f can be used simultaneously.
-t, --traceback
Print traceback information in case of an error.
Show details about performed requests.


Site-wide host configuration file. Has to be valid JSON.
Personal host configuration file which overrides identical keys from site-wide configuration file.


If you find a bug in the client, report at