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pdldoc: shell interface to PDL documentation


pdldoc - shell interface to PDL documentation


pdldoc <text>


The aim of pdldoc is to provide the same functionality as the "apropos", "help", "sig",


-h help
print documentation about a PDL function or module or show a PDL manual. This is the default option.
-a apropos
Regex search PDL documentation database.
-b badinfo
Information on the support for bad values provided by the function.
-s sig
prints signature of PDL function.
-u usage
Prints usage information for a PDL function.
This PDL configuration variable may be set in the perldl.conf file to disable runtime search for documentation in PDL::AutoLoader files.


This is pdldoc version 0.3.


Doug Burke <burke at ifa dot hawaii dot edu>. Chris Marshall <chm at cpan dot org>.