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pedigree: create a TeX file for pedigree from a csv file


pedigree - create a TeX file for pedigree from a csv file


pedigree [-c configuration_file] [-d] [-o output_file] [-s start_id] input_file

pedigree -v


The program converts a comma separated input_file into a TeX file with pst-pdgr macros.


-c configuration_file
The configuration file to read along with the system-wide and user's configuration files
Debug mode on
-o -output_file
The ouput file instead of input_file.tex
-s -start_id
If this option is selected, the pedigree is constructed starting from the node with the Id i<start_id>. Otherwise it is started from the proband node.

This option allows to create pedigrees with multiple probands or absent probands, or show people who are not proband's relatives.

Print version information


Global configuration file
User configuration file


Boris Veytsman, Leila Akhmadeeva, 2006-2021


The manual distributed with this program describes the format of the configuration file and the input file.

The library functions are described in Pedigree::Language(3), Pedigree::Parser(3), Pedigree::Node(3), Pedigree::PersonNode(3), Pedigree::MarriageNode(3), Pedigree::Area(3).