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readnsstate: interpret the contents of cn=replica's nsState value


readnsstate - interpret the contents of cn=replica's nsState value readnsstate /etc/dirsrv/slapd-INSTANCE/dse.ldif


Decode and display the content of the nsState attribute from a directory servers cn=replicate object.


sudo /usr/bin/readnsstate /etc/dirsrv/slapd-localhost/dse.ldif

For replica cn=replica,cn=dc3Dexample2Cdc3Dcom,cn=mapping tree,cn=config fmtstr=[H6x3QH6x] size=40 len of nsstate is 40 CSN generator state: Replica ID : 5 Sampled Time : 1463100468 Gen as csn : 57352434000000050000 Time as str : Fri May 13 10:47:48 2016 Local Offset : 0 Remote Offset : 276 Seq. num : 0 System time : Fri May 13 14:01:25 2016 Diff in sec. : 11617 Day:sec diff : 0:11617


readnsstate was written by the 389 Project by richm.


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