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riparrange: FLAC file organiser


riparrange - FLAC file organiser


riparrange [-m|-c|-h] [-f] [-v] [-w] [-o format] <file.flac>


RipArrange is a tool for automatically moving flac files to a directory structure based upon Vorbis Comment tags. A format string is used to define how the comment tags are mapped into a filename and path.

The default operation is to just print what would be changed if the tool were to be ran with -m, -c or -h specified.


Move/rename files to new location. This only works within a mount.
Copy files to new location.
Hard link files to new location. This only works within a filesystem.
Remove existing destination files before operation.
-w, --w32-filenames
Covert characters that are illegal on Windows filesystems to UTF-8 alternatives. If accessing files over Samba, this prevents name mangling which can lose the file extension. Mapped characters are *, ?, " and | which are replaced by ӿ, ʔ, ¨ and ǀ respectively.
-v, --verbose
Output information about files which will not be moved because they are already in the correct location. Normally only things that would be changed are reported.
-o, --output-file format
Set the format used to produce output filenames and paths. This should be a string containing the following special tokens:

 %N Track number (TRACKNUMBER)
 %A Track artist (ARTIST)
 %a Track artist sort name (ARTISTSORT)
 %B Album artist (ALBUMARTIST)
 %b Album artist sort name (ALBUMARTISTSORT)
 %C Track artist if present, else album artist
 %c Track artist sort name if present, else album artist sort name
 %D Album/CD name (ALBUM)
 %T Track name (TITLE)
 %Y Release type (MUSICBRAINZ_TYPE)
 %% A single percent sign

The release type is one of Albums, Audiobooks, Compilations, EPs, Interviews, Live, Remixes, Singles, Soundtracks, Spokenword and Other.

Slashes and colons in the '%' output fields are converted to UTF-8 equivalents to avoid creating subdirectories or causing problems with Windows shares mounted via Samba. Slashes and colons given in the format string will be literally preserved.


The following command will re-arrange FLAC files found in the current directory, making a new directory structure under /media/newmusic containing hard links to the current files:

  riparrange -h -f "/media/newmusic/%Y/%B - %D/%N-%T.flac" *.flac

Find and xargs can be used to call riparrange for files in different directories:

  find /media/music/ -name "*.flac" -print0 |
 xargs -0 riparrange -h -f "/media/newmusic/%Y/%B - %D/%N-%T.flac" *.flac


RipArrange, Copyright (C) 2013-2015 Michael C McTernan,
                              mike [at]

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.