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sc: Splunk Client


sc - Splunk Client


sc [--host <host>] [--port <port>] [--login <login>] [--password <password>] [--insecure] <subcommand> [<arguments>,...]


This is remote client for Splunk log search engine based upon WWW::Splunk. It is currently quite limited in capabilities, but intended and designed to be extended in future.


--host <host>
Sets remote server to connect to. Defaults to localhost.
--port <port>
Sets port of remote server to connect to. Defaults to 8089. Please note that this is the management port, not the WWW interface port.
--login <login>
User name of the user to connect to Splunk as. Defaults to admin. The defaults for username and password will probably (hopefully?) not suit your configuration.
--password <password>
Password of the user to connect to Splunk as. Defaults to changeme.
Tolerate SSL errors.
<subcommand> [<arguments>]
Subcommand to run. Currently defined is just search.


search [-t|--since <time>] [-T|--until <time>] [-f|--format compact|long|raw] <search string>

Conduct a search, output the raw log data as they are looked up. Terminate when the search is finished.
-t, --since <time>
Cut off at given time. The time specification is any string understood by Date::Manip. Most common formats apply as well as human-readable relative time specifications (see EXAMPLES).

Use "rt" for real time search, optionally with specifcation of the search window, such as "rt-10" for 10-second window, or "rt-1m" for one minute.

Defaults to unlimited.

-T, --until <time>
Do not look for entries newer than given time. The format of the time specification is the same as for --since option.

If this or --since is "rt" a real-time search is conducted.

-f, --format compact|long|raw
Switch output format style.


sc --host --login user --password s1kr3t2 --since '2 days ago' --until yesterday search 'network AND error | head 10'
Perform a simple search query limited by given time frame.
sc --since 'rt-30' search 'source=/var/log/httpd/access_log |stats count by http_status_code'
Perform a simple real-time search.


Lubomir Rintel, <lkundrak [at]>

The code is hosted on GitHub <>. Bug fixes and feature enhancements are always welcome.


WWW::Splunk, WWW::Splunk::API