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sf2cfg: construct gt cfg files for SoundFonts


sf2cfg - construct gt cfg files for SoundFonts


sf2cfg sffilename [> cfgname]


sf2cfg is a utility program which constructs a gt configure file, with a list of instrument patch names by bank, for an AWE SoundFont file. Just give it the name of the SoundFont file, either an old style .sbk font or a .sf1 or .sf2 font. Capture the output in a file, edit it if you want, then edit gt's main configure file (timidity.cfg) to refer to the new cfg file by adding, e.g., lines:
if 0
source cfgname


(derivatively) Copyright (C) 1998 Takashi Iwai


Greg Lee <lee [at] hawaii.edu>
adapted from a program by Takashi Iwai.