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shortrpm: Short-circuit binary RPM package build


shortrpm - Short-circuit binary RPM package build


shortrpm [--bb ] [---short-circuit ] [rpmbuild options ]


shortrpm tricks rpmbuild(1) into thinking certain scriptlets in SPEC file are empty, effectively skipping their run and proceeding to build the binary package from files from previous %install scriptlet run in BuildRoot. The trickery only takes place if both -bb and --short-circuit options are specified.

See rpmbuild(1) manual for descriptions of all options.


Line numbers in eventual error messages may not correspond to actual line numbers in SPEC file.

open(3) function is overriden for rpmbuild's children as well.

If rpmbuild(1) crashes when using shortrpm please do not send problem report to RPM developers unless you can reproduce the problem with clean RPM as well.


shortrpm was written by Lubomir Rintel <lkundrak [at]>.

Latest version can be obtained from <>.