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sigfind: Find a binary signature in a file


sigfind - Find a binary signature in a file


sigfind [-b bsize ] [-o offset ] [-t template ] [-lV] [ hex_signature ] file


sigfind searches through a file and looks for the hex_signature at a given offset. This can be used to search for lost boot sectors, superblocks, and partition tables.


-b bsize
Specify the block size in which to search. The default is 512 and the value must be a multiple of 512.
-o offset
Specify the offset in a block in which the signature must exist. The default is 0.
-t template
Specify a template name that defines the signature value and offset. Run with no options to get a list of supported templates.
The signature is stored in little-endian ordering and must therefore be reversed.
Display version
The binary signature that you are searching for. It must be given in hexadecimal format. This argument must exist if -t is not used.
Any raw data.


sigfind -o 510 -l AA55 disk.dd

sigfind -t fat disk.dd


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