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simplevisor: simple daemons supervisor


simplevisor 1.2 - simple daemons supervisor


simplevisor [--conf CONF][--conftype CONFTYPE][--daemon][--interval INTERVAL][-h][--log LOG][--logfile LOGFILE][--loglevel LOGLEVEL][--logname LOGNAME][-p PIDFILE][--store STORE][--version] command [path]


Simplevisor is a simple daemons supervisor, it is inspired by Erlang OTP and it can supervise hierarchies of services.


If a path is given or only one service entry is given:

for a given X command
 run the service X command where service is the only entry provided
 or the entry identified by its path

If a path is given and the root entry is a supervisor:

 tell a running simplevisor process to restart the child identified
 by the given path; it is different from the restart command as
 described above because, this way, we are sure that the running
 simplevisor will not attempt to check/start/stop the child while
 we restart it

If a path is not given and the root entry is a supervisor:

 start the simplevisor process which start the supervision.
 It can be used with --daemon if you want it as daemon

 stop the simplevisor process and all its children, if running

 return the status of the simplevisor process

 return the comparison between the expected state and the actual state.
 0 -> everything is fine
 1 -> warning, not expected

 execute one cycle of supervision and exit.
 Useful to be run in a cron script

 tell a running simplevisor process to wake up and supervise

 only stop the simplevisor process but not the children

 only stop the children but not the simplevisor process

 only check the configuration file

 generate pod format help to be used by pod2man to generate man page

 generate rst format help to be used in the web doc

 same as -h/--help, print help page


positional arguments:

command check, check_configuration, help, pod, restart, restart_child, rst, single, start, status, stop, stop_children, stop_supervisor, wake_up

path path to a service, subset of commands available: start, stop, status, check, restart

optional arguments:

--conf CONF configuration file

--conftype CONFTYPE configuration file type (default: apache)

--daemon daemonize, ONLY with start

--interval INTERVAL interval to wait between supervision cycles (default: 60)

-h, --help print the help page

--log LOG available: null, file, syslog, stdout (default: stdout)

--logfile LOGFILE log file, ONLY for file

--loglevel LOGLEVEL log level (default: warning)

--logname LOGNAME log name (default: simplevisor)

-p, --pidfile PIDFILE the pidfile

--store STORE file where to store the state, it is not mandatory, however recommended to store the simplevisor nodes status between restarts

--version print the program version


Create and edit the main configuration file:

    ## look for simplevisor.conf.example in the examples.

Run it:

    simplevisor --conf /path/to/simplevisor.conf start

to run it in daemon mode:

    simplevisor --conf /path/to/simplevisor.conf --daemon start

For other commands:

    simplevisor --help

Given the example configuration, to start the httpd service:

    simplevisor --conf /path/to/simplevisor.conf start svisor1/httpd


Massimo Paladin <massimo.paladin [at]>

Copyright (C) CERN 2013-2016