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skycoor - Convert coordinates


skycoor [-bdgjv] [-n ndec] ra1 dec1 sys1 ... ran decn sysn
skycoor [-vbjg] [-n ndec] @listfile


skycoor converts coordinates between the J2000, B1950, and galactic coordinate systems, rounding to a specified number of decimal places and printing in degrees or hh:mm:ss.sss dd:mm:ss.sss. Input coordinates may also be in either format, and the system (J2000, B1950, or galactic) may be in upper or lower case. No spaces are allowed within the individual coordinates


B1950 (FK4) output
RA and Dec output in degrees
Ecliptic longitude and latitude output
Galactic longitude and latitude output
-i r|d|
Input units (r=radians, d=degrees, else hh:mm:sss dd:mm:sss)
J2000 (FK5) output
-n <num>
Number of decimal places in output RA seconds
-o <num>
Offset coordinates by this many arcseconds
RA and Dec proper motion in milliarcseconds/year
Output system, including equinox
-r <RA> <Dec> <RA> <Dec>
Angular separation between two RA, Dec pairs
Output ra= dec= epoch= radecsys= for sethead
Print more intermediate information
Convert RA, Dec equatorial coordinates to x,y,z
Convert x,y,z equatorial coordinates to RA, Dec
-y <epoch>
Epoch of coordinates in years


Jessica Mink, SAO (jmink [at]