slice2py (1) - Linux Man Pages

slice2py: The Slice to Python compiler.


slice2py - The Slice to Python compiler.


slice2py [options] [files]


slice2py compiles Slice files to Python.

Full documentation for slice2py is available online at: "".


-h, --help

Displays a help message.

-v, --version
Displays the compiler version.


Defines the preprocessor symbol NAME.


Defines the preprocessor symbol NAME with the value DEF.


Undefines the preprocessor symbol NAME.


Add the directory DIR to the search path for #include directives.


Print the preprocessor output on stdout.

--output-dir DIR

Place the generated files into directory DIR.

-d, --debug

Print debug information showing the operation of the Slice parser.


Permit use of the normally reserved prefix Ice for identifiers. Use this option only when compiling the source code for the Ice run time.


Permit use of underscores in Slice identifiers.


Generate code for all Slice definitions, including those from included files.

--checksum CLASS

Generate checksums for Slice definitions.

--prefix PREFIX

Use PREFIX as the prefix for generated file names.