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smoltSendProfile: Submit Smolt hardware profile to server


smoltSendProfie - Submit Smolt hardware profile to server


smoltSendProfile [options]


smoltSendProfile program submits the hardware profile of the current machine to the Smoon server. Smolt is a cross-desktop hardware reporting tool for GNU/Linux based systems.


-p, --printOnly
Display information only; do not send
-a, --autoSend
Don't prompt to send; just send
-r, --retry
Continue to send until success
-c, --checkin
Automated check-in, suitable for cron-jobs
-S, --scanOnly
Only scan this machine for known hardware errata; do not send profile
Do not scan this machine for known hardware errata; only submit profile
-b, --bodhi
Submit this profile to Bodhi as well, for Fedora Developmnent
-n, --newPublicUUID
Request a new public UUID
-s SMOON_URL, --server=SMOON_URL
Specify the URL of the server
-u USERAGENT, --useragent=USERAGENT, --user_agent=USERAGENT
Specify HTTP user agent (default "smolt/0.97")
-t TIMEOUT, --timeout=TIMEOUT
Specify HTTP timeout in seconds (default 60.0 seconds)
Specify which UUID to use; useful for debugging and testing
Fedora Account System registration username
Fedora Account System registration password (will prompt if not specified)
-d, --debug
Enable debug information
Show program's version number and exit
-h, --help
Show this help message and exit


smoltSendProfile was written by Mike McGrath <mmcgrath [at]> and others.

This manual page was written by Chris Lamb <chris [at]>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others).


smoltDeleteProfile(1), smoltGui(1).