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softhsm2-keyconv: converting from BIND to PKCS#8 key file format


softhsm2-keyconv - converting from BIND to PKCS#8 key file format


softhsm2-keyconv --in path --out path [--pin PIN]


softhsm2-keyconv can convert BIND .private-key files to the PKCS#8 file format. This is so that you can import the PKCS#8 file into libsofthsm using the command softhsm2-util. If you have another file format, then openssl probably can help you to convert it into the PKCS#8 file format.


--help, -h Shows the help screen.
--in path
The path to the input file.
--out path
The path to the output file.
--pin PIN
The PIN will be used to encrypt the PKCS#8 file. If not given then the PKCS#8 file will be unencrypted.
--version, -v
Show the version info.


The following command can be used to convert a BIND .private-key file to a PKCS#8 file:

softhsm2-keyconv --in \

       --out rsa.pem


Written by Rickard Bellgrim, Francis Dupont, René Post, and Roland van Rijswijk.