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tangerine: Perl dependency metadata tool


tangerine - Perl dependency metadata tool


tangerine [options] <files or directories>


This utility attempts to examine and analyze perl files, directories or perl distribution archives, reporting provided modules, and compile-time and run-time depencies.

In the diff mode it reports differences between two directories or perl distribution archives.


Examine all recursively discovered files. By default, only perl files are considered.
Do not list dependencies provides by the examined set.
--diff|-d FOO BAR
Examine FOO and BAR and report metadata differences, ignoring line numbers. These can be directories or distribution tarballs.
Report findings per file instead of per module. This option has no effect with --compact.
--jobs|-j NUM
Defines the number of workers used for parallel processing. By default, the optimal number of workers is determined automatically.
Display this help.
--mode|-m MODE
Only look for this specific metadata. Valid options are compile (modules required at compile time), runtime (modules required at runtime), package (modules provided) and all. For backwards compatibility, p|prov, r|req and u|use are also understood. This option is automatically set to all if --compact is also used. Defaults to all.
Be a little more verbose where it makes sense.


    tangerine -c Makefile.PL lib/ t/
    tangerine --mode=compile inc/
    tangerine -d Foo-0.01.tar.gz Foo-0.02.tar.gz


Copyright (c) 2014-2015 Petr Xabata <contyk [at] redhat.com>

See the LICENSE files for licensing details.