tarsnap-keygen (1) - Linux Man Pages

tarsnap-keygen: generate a key file for use with


tarsnap-keygen - generate a key file for use with tarsnap(1)


--keyfile key-file --user user-name --machine machine-name [--passphrased ] [--passphrase-mem maxmem ]


generates cryptographic keys, registers with the tarsnap server, and writes a key file for use with tarsnap(1).

The --keyfile --user and --machine parameters are all required.

If the --passphrased option is specified, the user will be prompted to enter a passphrase (twice) to be used to encrypt the key file.

If the --passphrase-mem maxmem option is specified, a maximum of maxmem bytes of RAM will be used in the scrypt key derivation function to encrypt the key file; it may be necessary to set this option if a key file is being generated on a system with far more RAM than the system on which the key file will be used.