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tcprules [OPTIONS] <rules.cdb> <rules.tmp>


tcprules reads rules from its standard input and writes them into cdb binary format suitable for quick access by tcpserver(1). tcprules can be used while tcpserver(1) is running. It ensures that cdb is updated automatically. It does it by first writing the rules to a temporary file and then writing the temporary file to the cdb. If the temporary file already exists, it is destroyed.


A rule is one line. A file containing rules may also contain comments beginning with '#'. Each rule contains an address, a colon, and a list of instructions, with no extra spaces. When tcpserver(1) receives a connection from that address, it follows the instruction. tcpserver(1) uses the first rule it matches.

tcprules treats as an abbreviation for the rules - Similarly 10.2-3 is an abbreviation for 10.2.:ins and 10.3.:ins.

The instructions in a rule must begin with an allow or deny. deny tells tcpserver(1) to drop the connection without processing any further.


-h --help

 print this help

-v --version

 print version information



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Manual Author

Prasad J Pandit