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tidy_changelog: command-line tool for CPAN::Changes


tidy_changelog - command-line tool for CPAN::Changes


    $ tidy_changelog Changelog


Takes a changelog file, parse it using CPAN::Changes and prints out the resulting output. If a file is not given, the program will see if there is one file in the current directory beginning by 'change' (case-insensitive) and, if so, assume it to be the changelog.



If provided, assumes that there is a placeholder header for an upcoming next release. The placeholder token is given via --token.


Regular expression to use to detect the token for an upcoming release if --next is used. If not explicitly given, defaults to "\{\{\$NEXT\}\}".


If given, only print out the release header lines, without any of the changes.


Prints the releases in reverse order (from the oldest to latest).