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trademgen_with_db -

  Database-enabled C++ Simulated Travel Demand Generation Library


trademgen_with_db [--prefix] [-v|--version] [-h|--help] [-b|--builtin] [-i|--input <path-to-input>] [-l|--log <path-to-output-log-file>]


trademgen_with_db is the database-enabled version of the trademgen executable, i.e., a small program showing how to use the TraDemGen library.

trademgen_with_db accepts the following options:


 Show the TraDemGen installation prefix.

-v, --version

 Print the currently installed version of TraDemGen on the standard output.

-h, --help

 Produce that message and show usage.

-b, --builtin

 The sample BOM tree can be either built-in or parsed from an input file. That latter must then be given with the -i/--input option.

-s, --see

 Seed for the random generation. It allows to reproduce exactly any demand generation.

-d, --draws Number of runs for the demand generation.

-G, --demandgeneration Method used to generate the demand (i.e., the booking requests): Poisson Process (P) or Order Statistics (S).

-i, --input <path-to-input-file>

 Path (absolute or relative) of the (CSV) input file specifying the demand rule sets.

-l, --log <path-to-output-log-file>

 Path (absolute or relative) of the output log file.

-u, --user <database-user-name>

 SQL database user (e.g., dsim).

-p, --passwd <database-user-password>

 SQL database password (e.g., dsim).

-H, --host <database-server-host-name>

 SQL database hostname (e.g., localhost).

-P, --port <database-server-port>

 SQL database port (e.g., 3306).

-m, --dbname <database-name>

 SQL database name (e.g., sim_dsim).

See the output of the `trademgen_with_db --help' command for default options.


Please report any bugs to


Copyright © 2009-2013 Denis Arnaud

See the COPYING file for more information on the (LGPLv2+) license, or directly on Internet: