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urxvt256c-ml-extensions: briefly list urxvt perl extensions


urxvt-extensions - briefly list urxvt perl extensions


   urxvt -pe extension-name


This manpage briefly lists the rxvt-unicode extensions available in this version of rxvt-unicode. For information on how to write urxvt extensions, see the urxvt-extensions manpage.

Extensions that use resources for configuration are loaded automatically when their resources are specified as command-line switches. Any extension can be loaded explicitly with the "-pe" switch.


background - manage terminal background

bell-command - execute a command when the bell rings

block-graphics-to-ascii - map block graphics to ascii characters

clipboard-osc - implement the clipboard operating system command sequence

confirm-paste - ask for confirmation before pasting multiline text

digital-clock - display a digital clock overlay

eval - evaluate arbitrary perl code using actions

example-refresh-hooks - example of how to use refresh hooks

keysym-list - implement the ``list'' keysym expansion.

kuake - kuake-like hotkey terminal

matcher - match strings in terminal output and change their rendition

option-popup - option menu (enabled by default)

overlay-osc - implement OSC to manage overlays

readline - improve readline editing (enabled by default)

remote-clipboard - manage a shared and possibly remote clipboard

searchable-scrollback - incremental scrollback search (enabled by default)

selection - more intelligent selection (enabled by default)

selection-autotransform - automatically transform select text

selection-pastebin - automatic pastebin upload

selection-popup (enabled by default)

selection-to-clipboard - copy the selection to the clipboard each time a selection is made

tabbed - tabbed interface to urxvt

xim-onthespot - implement XIM ``on-the-spot'' behaviour


urxvt(1), urxvtperl(3)