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vboxsdl: x86 virtualization solution


VBoxSDL - x86 virtualization solution


Oracle VM VirtualBox SDL GUI version (C) 2005-2019 Oracle Corporation All rights reserved.


--startvm <uuid|name>
Virtual machine to start, either UUID or name
Run a separate VM process or attach to a running VM
--hda <file>
Set temporary first hard disk to file
--fda <file>
Set temporary first floppy disk to file
--cdrom <file>
Set temporary CDROM/DVD to file/device ('none' to unmount)
--boot <a|c|d|n>
Set temporary boot device (a = floppy, c = 1st HD, d = DVD, n = network)
--memory <size>
Set temporary memory size in megabytes
--vram <size>
Set temporary size of video memory in megabytes
Start VM in fullscreen mode
Resize the guest on fullscreen
--fixedmode <w> <h> <bpp> Use a fixed SDL video mode with given width, height and bits per pixel
Forbid switching to/from fullscreen mode
Make the SDL frame non resizable
Disable all hostkey combinations
--nohostkeys ...
Disable specific hostkey combinations, see below for valid keys
Disable mouse/keyboard grabbing on mouse click w/o additions
Get the hostkey identifier and modifier state
--hostkey <key> {<key2>} <mod> Set the host key to the values obtained using --detecthostkey
Send an ACPI power button event when closing the window
--vrdp <ports>
Listen for VRDP connections on one of specified ports (default if not specified)
Discard saved state (if present) and revert to last snapshot (if present)
--settingspw <pw>
Specify the settings password
--settingspwfile <file>
Specify a file containing the settings password
Enable or disable raw ring 3
Enable or disable raw ring 0
Enable or disable PATM
Enable or disable CSAM
Permit or deny the usage of VT-x/AMD-V

Key bindings:

<hostkey> +
f Switch to full screen / restore to previous view h Press ACPI power button n Take a snapshot and continue execution p Pause / resume execution q Power off r VM reset s Save state and power off
Send <ctrl><alt><del>
Send <ctrl><alt><Fx>