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virt-list-partitions: List partitions in a virtual machine or disk image


virt-list-partitions - List partitions in a virtual machine or disk image


 virt-list-partitions [--options] domname

 virt-list-partitions [--options] disk.img [disk.img ...]


"virt-list-partitions" is a command line tool to list the partitions that are contained in a virtual machine or disk image. It is mainly useful as a first step to using virt-resize(1).

"virt-list-partitions" is just a simple wrapper around libguestfs(3) functionality. For more complex cases you should look at the guestfish(1) tool.


Display brief help.
Display version number and exit.
--connect URI | -c URI
If using libvirt, connect to the given URI. If omitted, then we connect to the default libvirt hypervisor.

If you specify guest block devices directly, then libvirt is not used at all.

-l | --long
With this option, "virt-list-partitions" displays the type and size of each partition too (where ``type'' means "ext3", "pv" etc.)
-h | --human-readable
Show sizes in human-readable form (eg. ``1G'').


Richard W.M. Jones <>


Copyright (C) 2009-2010 Red Hat Inc.

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