voms-proxy-destroy3 (1) - Linux Manuals

voms-proxy-destroy3: destroys a VOMS proxy


voms-proxy-destroy - destroys a VOMS proxy




The voms-proxy-destroy command is intended to be used after a proxy is no longer useful, to destroy it.


Options may be specified indifferently with either a "-" or "--" prefix.

-h, -help Displays usage

-v, -version Displays version

-debug Enables extra debug output

-q, --quiet Quiet mode, minimal output

-f, -file <proxyfile> The name of the file containing the proxy, in case it is in a non-standard place.

-dry Doesn't actually destroy the proxy.

-c, -conf <file> Read options from file.




Andrea Ceccanti <andrea.ceccanti [at] cnaf.infn.it>

Daniele Andreotti <daniele.andreotti [at] cnaf.infn.it>

Valerio Venturi <valerio.venturi [at] cnaf.infn.it>


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